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As per NASSCOM's internet report, the number of internet users in India will see a two-fold rise at 730 million by 2020 and are expected to take an incredible leap towards internet accessibility. This opens up immense possibilities for bringing a world of benefits to them.

Code for the Next Billion is a six month program which will focus on discovering and empowering the next generation of social impact startups - spearheading the mobile first revolution, working towards transforming the lives of new to the internet and bottom of the pyramid users.

Who can apply ?

Social impact startups who have launched a mobile app for new to internet/bottom of the pyramid users, focused on:


Healthcare & Wellbeing

Mobile apps that enable the provision of medical care to individuals or a community.


Financial literacy & Economic Empowerment

Mobile apps that drive financial inclusion - literacy and/or enable economic growth.


Gender Equality & Diversity - Inclusion

Mobile apps that promote women safety and/or spread awareness about women rights, other gender issues.


Education/skill Development & Employment

Mobile apps that facilitate learning, acquisition of professional skills and/or access to employment opportunities.


Access to Public Utilities & Benefits

Mobile apps that enable access to public utilities like electricity, water etc. and/or enable - promote awareness about government schemes, benefits etc.

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