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Startup Policy

Government of Assam notified its Startup policy on 5th December 2017. The policy is valid for five years up to 31st December 2022. The vision of the policy is to transform Assam in to a leading Startup hub in the country. Details with regard to policy are as follows:

  • Clear definition of Startup: Startup policy and its operating guidelines provide a clear definition of a Startup
  • Policy is in public domain: Startup policy is available online on Startup portal. Its operating guidelines are also available online
  • Sector agnostic support: The policy doesn’t restrict the benefits and incentives of Startups to any particular sector
  • Process for registration and availing benefits are provided: Details regarding registration of Startups and process for availing benefits are also provided in Policy and operating guideline document

Government of Uttar Pradesh through its Startup Policy gives thrust on “START IN UP”, to nurture startup culture using INFUSE model (Incubators – Fund of Funds – Startup Entrepreneurs). The Startup policy provides definition of a Startup and is sector agnostic. The policy is also available online.

Some of the salient features of the policy with respect to Startups are as follows:

  • Government intends to establish an initial corpus (seed funding) of INR 100 crore in form of Fund of funds to promote incubators and mobilize Startups in State of UP
  • To promote incubators, Government to provide capital grant of 50% for IT infrastructure setup, subject to maximum of INR 25 lakhs. Same benefit will also be extended to existing incubators in case they wish to expand their facilities.
  • The selected incubators shall get the financial support up to the tune of 5 Lacs per year for 5 years covering the deficit of the operational expenditure of Incubators
  • Selected mentors to be paid on honorary basis up to INR 2 Lacs per annum
  • Selected Startups shall be provided sustenance allowance of INR 15,000 per month for a period of 1 year
  • Similarly, Startups shall be provided support up to a maximum of INR 10 Lakhs, if it secures 25% minimum funding from registered angel/ venture funds/ reputed incubators


Nodal Department, Officer & Team

In a notification dated, 22 March 2018, Government of Odisha designated MSME Department as the “Nodal Department” and Startup Secretariat at IED, Bhubaneshwar as “Nodal Agency” to deal with the matters relating to Startups and Startup ecosystem development in the State.

Additional Chief Secretary of MSME Department has been designated as the “Nodal Officer” to act as a single point of contact to deal with issues related to Startup ecosystem in the State.

In another notification dated 12th March 2018, State appointed a dedicated team with 7 team members to oversee Startup activities in the State.

The notification concerned and details of dedicated team are available on Startup Odisha portal.


As per the Bihar Start-up Policy 2017, Bihar Start Fund Trust (BSFT) is the nodal agency for the implementation of the Startup Policy in the state. Further, Govt. of Bihar has issued a Government Order, dated 25 April 2018 in which it has notified Department of Industries as the nodal department and the Principal Secretary of the Department of Industries as the nodal person for the implementation of the policy in the State. The details are available on Bihar Startup portal.

The State of Karnataka has nominated Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology as the Nodal department development of Startup eco-system in Karnataka.

Further the Government of Karnataka has nominated Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology as the Nodal Officer for development of Startup eco-system in Karnataka. State has uploaded the Government Order on its State Startup portal.

The details of the Karnataka Startup team is also available on Karnataka Startup portal.

The State of Kerala has nominated Department of Electronics & IT as the Nodal department development of Startup eco-system in the State. Further the Government of Kerala has nominated Secretary, Department of Electronics & IT as the Nodal Officer for development of Startup eco-system in Kerala. Details are available on public domain. Details of the team is available on Startup mission portal.

Online Implementation System

Startup India website allows Startups from all the States/UTs to apply for recognition under the Startup India initiative. The recognized Startups are eligible to avail incentives mentioned under the Startup India action plan. Upon successful recognition, a digital certificate is issued to Startups with company name, date of registration and period of validity. On an average, the recognition certificate is issued within 48-72 hours. More than 16000 Startups have been recognized till March, 2019.

Eligibility criteria for recognition of Startup is as follows:

  • The Startup should be incorporated as a private limited company or registered as a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership
  • Turnover should be less than INR 100 Crores in any of the previous financial years
  • An entity shall be considered as a startup up to 10 years from the date of its incorporation
  • The Startup should be working towards innovation/ improvement of existing products, services and processes and should have the potential to generate employment/ create wealth. An entity formed by splitting up or reconstruction of an existing business shall not be considered a "Startup"

In Startup India website, Startups can apply online, submit their application online, check status of their application and receive certificate online. Further details are available on Startup India portal.

A toll free helpline number is available on the portal for answer queries of the Startups.

The portal also provide list of registered incubators and mentors along with a dashboard which details out number of Startups recognized, number of Startups funded, and spread of Startups in the country.

Startup cell in Karnataka has implemented an online system which allow Startups, mentors, incubators, institutes, investors and partners to register. The portal allows Startups to submit applications, status tracking of application and downloading the registration certificate online. Startups could avail the Registration certificate within 10 days

post submission of their application. The users can register/login on home page of State Startup portal.

The Registered Startups can avail applicable benefits under Karnataka Startup Policy 2015-2020. Startups which get registered under Startup Karnataka Cell are provided a host of opportunities like Mentoring, Booster Kit (Collection of Software Tools & Services from Partners), Incentive Reimbursement, Funding support, Sponsorship for International Events & Workshops, etc.

The registered Startups have access to a ‘Booster Kit’ which provides software tools (debugging, testing, etc.) and services (cloud, telephony, payment, incubation, marketing, etc.) at a special price tailor made to cater needs of young entrepreneurs. The details are available on Startup portal.

A dedicated Startup support helpline (080-22231007) has been operational to address all queries of the Startups in the State. The helpline provides information and assistance with respect to startup registration, various benefits and incentives provided under Karnataka Startup Policy 2015-20, and other information related to service providers (Lawyers, IP protection, CA, real estate agencies etc.), industry associations (NASSCOM etc.), upcoming programs or events (Hackathons), investor organizations, incoming trade delegations, policies regulatory environment etc.

Government of Karnataka has created a pool of more than 100 mentors who are registered for supporting entrepreneurs. The mentor pool consists of experts from across the domain. The registered startup can find, select mentor based on the requirement through the Karnataka startup portal. Experts from varied background like Technology, Innovation, Finance , Business Finance, Agriculture, Education, VC’s , Angel Investor’s etc. are pooled and can be accessed by the registered startup through the portal. The list of mentors is available on Karnataka Startup portal. Similarly, Startup portal also provides the detail of incubators in the State. Details such as facilities available in the incubators, current status of Startups working in such incubators, how to apply and criteria for selection.

Government of Rajasthan has implemented iStart Rajasthan that allows online application submission, status tracking and downloading of registration certificate for startups. It is a one-stop online platform for handholding startups right from registration to fund disbursements.

The processing time, subject to the availability of all relevant documents, is 3 working days. In addition, the Department has also developed an exhaustive user manual for navigating iStart Rajasthan’s portal. The user manual details the sign up process, log in process, registration – step guide on “How to register”, applying for benefits, talk to Government amongst others.

Government of Rajasthan has a single sign-on for Government related services and facilities. Every startup can register on the iStart Rajasthan program through the online istart portal.

As part of developing startup ecosystem in the State, the Government of Rajasthan has built an exhaustive network of mentors (over 100 mentors) which are easily accessible for the startups through iStart Rajasthan portal. The details are available on iStart portal. Similarly, details of incubators in the State are available on portal.

The dashboard on iStart Rajasthan portal provides detail such as

  • Number of Registered Startups
  • Number of Approved Startups
  • Number of incubates in Bhamashah Techno Hub, iStart Nest Jaipur and other iStart Nest incubators
  • Number of Startups who have received funding in the form of marketing allowance, sustenance allowance and Bhamashah Techno fund


Govt. of Bihar has developed a dedicated online portal for startups. The portal has following facilities:

  • Online registration of startups
  • Online processing of application form by the nodal department, evaluation of startup ideas and business plan by the various committees (like SIAC and PSC) and interaction with the various State notified incubation centres for the business plan development and recommendation of incubate startups for seed grant support etc.
  • Online application by the startups for certification, sanction and release of the seed grant support etc. along with the application tracking facility

Department of Industries, Government of Bihar has published a detailed guidebook for guiding the startups and other users step-by-step to use the online system for various purposes. The time-line for issuing the registration certificate to an applicant is 10 days from the receipt of the application.

In order to strengthen the Startup ecosystem in the State and to provide mentorship support to Startups, Government has uploaded a list of 100 mentors on mentor section of Startup portal. Similarly, State has also provided details of State supported incubators on Startup portal.

State Government has created an online system for registering the startups in the State. The process timeline to evaluate the request and register Startups is 2 weeks. After due process, Startups get instant registration certificate through email. They can also download the same from the web portal.

Startup Odisha has a dedicated toll free 'help line' to resolve queries of Startups. Besides the toll free helpline, Startup Odisha has multiple ways of addressing queries, which includes email, social media and walk-ins.

State has a pool of more than 100 mentors available on Startup portal. However, the list of mentors and their contact details are visible to registered Startups on their respective dashboard.

The list of incubators recognized and subsidized by State Government are available on Odisha Startup portal.

The State Startup portal provides following details on its dashboard:

  • Number of recognized Startups
  • Number of Startups received financial assistance
  • Number of recognized incubators
  • Number of nodal agencies


Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has created an online portal for startup in the State to register. These registrations are reviewed and accepted by the Kerala Startup Mission team. In addition, online system allow startups to avail the benefits of various schemes such as incubation, seed fund, startup box, patent reimbursement etc.

Kerala Startup Mission has a dedicated phone number for startups to call and clear queries. In addition to dedicated phone number, Startup portal also has the facility of chat-bot. In order to capture the contact details of users and to generate customer satisfaction scores, KSUM relies on the KSUM chat-bot.

KSUM has created a pool of more than 100 mentors details of whom are available on the mentor section of portal. State has also supported incubators and accelerators, details of which are available on the portal.

Andhra Pradesh has a comprehensive online system for registration, and availing benefits with other features relevant to Startups. Online registration of Startups is made available on the AP innovation society portal.

Once Startup submits the application, an acknowledgement mail is received by the Startup. Applications are processed by AP Innovation society (APIS) managers and then applicants are called for screening process. The recommendations of screening committee are submitted to CEO, APIS. Startup can check the status of its application through the APIS portal. If application is approved, Startup can download the certificate from the URL link sent to Startup mail Id. The entire process gets completed within 30 working days.

Mentor Network

Startup India has launched ‘Startup India online hub’ which is an online platform for all stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India to discover, connect and engage with each other. The portal hosts Startups, investors, funds, mentors, academia, incubators, accelerators, corporates, Government bodies and more. Over 300 mentors from various business sectors and vast experience are listed on the online hub.

The registered Startups can connect with the mentors available on Startup hub. Hub provides details about each mentor. Startups can search mentors on the basis of mentor’s name. Mentors can be filtered on the basis of their location, industry, sectors as well as on the basis of stage of Startup they can support.

Government of Uttar Pradesh has created a common mentor pool of more than 100 mentors to offer Startups expert guidance along their entire journey. The mentors comprise of individual mentors from industry and mentors associated with individual incubators. The State Government provides up to Rs. 2 Lakh to the each mentor associated with individual incubators. The list of mentors is provided at mentor section of State Startup portal. The detailed list of Startups along with their brief description is available at notification section of Uttar Pradesh Startup portal.

Government of Kerala’s initiative, Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) maintains a pool of mentors that comprises both technical experts from different sectors and business experts who provide business and marketing assistance. Mentors support the Startups to develop a product or service using advanced technology solutions and help them to achieve their goal. The list of mentors is available on KSUM website.

Government of Chhattisgarh under its '36 inc' program offers mentorship to incubatees for developing their business plan, building a prototype, market testing of the product/service and funding. The State has created a mentor network to provide business and technical mentorship to startups/ entrepreneurs. State has more than 100 registered mentors in diverse field of expertise. State provides details such as designation, email-id and area of expertise of their registered mentors on its Chhattisgarh Startup portal.

Gujarat has a strong pool of more than 100 mentors registered on its Gujarat Startup portal. The details of any mentor registered with the portal is displayed in public domain along with their email IDs. The portal also has a facility, wherein anyone can send a meeting request to the Mentor(s) working in area of their interest. In addition, profile of mentors is linked with their respective LinkedIn account.

Intellectual Property (IP) Support

Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprise, (Mo MSME) Govt. of India has established Intellectual Property Rights Facilitation Centre (IPFC) at various cities of India with different partners.

These IPFCs provide services pertaining to IP Protection, IP Awareness & Training, Counselling & Advisory Services. IPFC organizes training programs on specific themes relating to IP. Programmes are designed and coordinated by IPFC as per the need of the audience.

  • Various services available at IPFC are as follows:
  • General advisory on all type of Intellectual Properties
  • Patent and Literature (Prior Art) Search, Patentability Search, FTO (Freedom To Operate) Search, Invalidity Search, Patent Drafting
  • Trademark Search, Filing, Prosecution, Renewals, Opposition and Analysis
  • Copyright Registration Services
  • Registration of Geographical Indication
  • IP Commercialization and Tech transfer

IPFCs are present at 34 locations such as Mysore, Indore, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Guwahati and other locations. The detail related to number of patent filled, trade mark registration, GI, copyrights and other is available at MSME portal.

A Patent Information Centre (PIC), Gujarat has been set up under Gujarat Council on Science and Technology at Gandhinagar in collaboration with Patent Facilitation Centre, Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

This centre is providing regional level services regarding various Intellectual Property Rights. Patent Information Centre in collaboration with TIFAC is facilitating for the patent search and Patent registration for the Academic and Research Institutes. Patent Information Centre (PIC) is also providing general awareness on patent & specific issues related to other IPRs by organizing Seminar, Conference etc. and publication of Information material on Intellectual property Rights to create a strong IPR base in the state, to enhance the quality of Invention, innovation to increase the number of Intellectual Property Registration from the state.

Key objectives of PIC Gujarat are as follows:

  • Creating awareness and understanding relating to patents and the challenges and opportunities in this area including arranging workshops, seminars, conferences etc.
  • Providing patenting facilities to scientists and technologists in the country for Indian and foreign patents on a sustained basis
  • Keeping a watch on developments in the area of IPR and make important issues known to policy makers Scientists, Industry etc.
  • Introducing patent information as a vital input in the process of promotion of R&D programmes

Patent Information Centre (PIC), Gujarat has done significant work towards awareness of intellectual property rights by organizing and supporting various workshops and seminars on Intellectual Property Rights in collaboration with various universities, colleges and academic institutions. Further details are available on the Gujarat Startup portal.

Centre for Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks was established in Anna University, Chennai in the year 2005. Subsequently, the name of above Centre was changed to Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR) in the year 2009.

CIPR was established to create awareness and offer assistance to academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators to identify, protect and manage IPR effectively. CIPR actively involves in educating the importance of IPR for various communities. CIPR has to its credit a well-established IP policy. CIPR is functioning as the nodal centre for Industries, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, Educational and Research Institutions for IPR related matters.

One of the objective of CIPR is to foster, stimulate and encourage creative activities in the widest sense in all the areas in which academic, consultancy and research programmes are offered by Anna University.


Karnataka State partners with corporate and educational institutions for extending assistance to startups. The conducive environment to support the Startups is created through onboarding various partners. The details of partners are available on the Karnataka Startup portal.

The State partners offer various services and products which boost startups. The booster kit provides software tools, cloud credits, access to mentors, legal and consulting accountants and access to government funding and government supported incubators. In addition, a virtual kit with collection of software tools and services like Cloud Services, Virtual Telephony and Internet Services, Debugging and Testing Services, Payment Gateways, Legal Assistance and Banking & Finance are available at a special price tailor made to cater to the needs of young startups.

The State have signed MOUs with corporates such as Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean for Cloud Services, ILP, IP EXCEL & Agrus for Legal Services, KOTAK & YES Bank for Financial Services & Support.

Partners from academia have also been included to boost the innovation in the State. State Government has partnered with various premier academic institutions to set up Technology Business Incubators (TBI) across the State. The TBIs would assist in fostering strong link between R&D and commercialization of technologies. The key objective is to establish and create ecosystem that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship by guiding startups. TBIs promote the following selected thrust areas that have potential to foster growth like Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Internet of Things (IoT), Manufacturing including Electronics systems design, Nanotechnology, Clean tech, agriculture and allied fields, education etc. TBIs have been setup in IISc, MS Ramaiah University, Manipal University, C-CAMP etc.

State of Telangana has forged partnership with various corporates such as OTIS, Stanley Black & Decker, HSBC, Facebook, Samsung, Boeing and other partners. The list of partners and details of partnership is available on Telangana Startup portal.

State has more than 25 partnership with corporates. Services provided by the State partners include incubation programs, mentoring, market access program, corporate connect, recruitment support, grand challenge/hackathon, virtual membership and other initiatives.

State has formed partnership with Google, Cisco, FICCI, Incube Ventures, Amazon, Intel and many more. Few examples include:

  • Gujarat Informatics Ltd. (Government of Gujarat) Partnership with Google: As part of this partnership, Google provides assistance regarding Google Cloud for startups, various Google Cloud offerings including Machine Learning offerings & also about Google Cloud Startup Program; a program, that involves workshops, mentorships and free Google Cloud credits for eligible startups.
  • Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (Government of Gujarat) partnership with DDIT Nadiad: As a part of this, free access to the world class lab facilities of Shah-Schulman Centre for Nanotechnology at DDIT Nadiad is made available to startups.
  • iCreate (An incubator set up by Government of Gujarat) partnership with Cisco: Cisco, in collaboration with iCreate, has created an Internet of Things (IoT) Lab at the iCreate campus to foster local innovation. This collaboration will enable startups and entrepreneurs to build smart city and IoT-based solutions. Cisco experts delivered session on Cybersecurity and IoT, Blockchain. Besides these, there are several other partnerships between state supported incubators (Nodal Institutes) and National/International Companies and academic institutes to facilitate startups.


Besides these, there are several other partnerships between State supported incubators (Nodal Institutes) and National/International Companies and academic institutes to facilitate startups. Details of partnership are available on Gujarat Startup portal.

Startup Odisha has partnered with number of Corporates and Institutions to provide various support services to registered Startups in the State. State has partnered with corporates, institutions and forged partnership with international corporates as well.

State has partnered with TiE Silicon Valley, Facebook, IIT Bhubaneshwar, ZOHO, Amazon, Vakil Search and Centurion University. Services provided by partners include training to SMEs, mentoring, promotion, incubation, cloud services, legal services and more. Details are available on Odisha Startup portal.

Women Entrepreneurship

Government of Haryana in its Startup policy has declared to set up a United Nation Technology & Innovation Lab (UNTIL) in collaboration of United Nation to promote the women entrepreneurship & digital literacy in the State. The objective is to build a strong eco-system of 50 women led startups by 2019 and target of USD 5 Million in fund raising for women technology startups in 5 years.

State supported incubators such as UNTIL, NASSCOM, IoT and IAMAI provide 50% rebate on rents to women entrepreneurs. The details are available in the policy at Haryana IT portal.

The Karnataka startup policy provides benefits and incentives to encourage women entrepreneurship. Karnataka Startup Policy not only creates a conducive ecosystem for the startups but also gives prominence to the women entrepreneurs working in the state. The women entrepreneurs have been benefited in multiple areas like incubation, funding and incentives and others.

The State Startup policy of Karnataka provides special incentives to women entrepreneurs. The policy talks about providing/reserving 10% incubation space for women entrepreneurs.

In addition, Government of Karnataka has launched a Rs 10 crore fund for women entrepreneurs, through which the Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology can sanction up to Rs 50 lakhs for any woman innovator looking for funds for proof of concept validation, certification, and for other purposes such as to cover costs in manufacturing pilot devices.

Women entrepreneurs are eligible for all benefits under the Bihar Startup Policy, 2017. In case of fiscal benefits, additional 5% incentive is given to the women enterprise. (Please refer section 10.7 of the Policy).

The section 10.7.4 of the Bihar Start-up policy also states that based on the requirement, government shall relax the eligibility criteria as stated for certifying startups belonging to SC/ST/women & differently abled.

Special benefits and incentive to Women Entrepreneurs are specifically provided for in the list of provisions for Startup's as enumerated in the Industrial Development and Business Policy 2017. As per Clause 10.7.1 of the Industrial Development and Business Policy 2017, "All incentives which are available for MSME units will also be available to Startup units".

Additionally, as per the policy, 25% of Startup Fund (Rs.100 crore) will be dedicated to promoting Startups by SC and Women entrepreneurs. Interest subsidy @5% pa only to SC/Women Entrepreneur subject to maximum of Rs.10 lakh per year for 3 years is also available. The policy also talks about annual award of Rs. 3 lakh per unit for excellence in productivity, quality, export for MSME, SC, Women and Exporters.

The Startup Odisha Policy 2016, amended on 16th March 2018 provides incremental benefits to Startups led by Women as well as other social categories such as trans-genders, SC, ST, SEBC and PH. The Odisha startup Policy has set a vision to facilitate at least 33% Startups with Founders/Co-founders as women. The additional benefits to women entrepreneurs include:

  • Monthly allowance to be INR 22,000 (instead of INR 20,000 to a Startups)
  • Product development and marketing assistance of INR 16 lakhs (instead of INR 15 lakhs to a Startups)

Support From Various Departments

Government of Gujarat has developed a policy for providing assistance to student Startups/ Innovation. The Student Startup and Innovation Policy by Commissionerate of Technical Education, Government of Gujarat is focused on creating an integrated, state-wide, university-based innovation ecosystem in order to support ideas and innovations of the students and offer them a conducive environment that would harness their creative pursuit. Through this Policy, the Government of Gujarat offers innovation and pre-incubation support in academia across the State inclusive on sectors, space and other aspects. The Policy aspires to create student innovators to turn towards startups beyond the technology domain as well.

Government of Delhi has set-up physical infrastructure for creative enterprises and collaborated with renowned academic institutions to setup incubators. Department of Training and Technical Education, Government of NCT of Delhi launched the incubation policy in March, 2016 to provide financial support of INR 1.5 Crore to higher educational institutes in the region for setting up incubation centers. As on 30th April, Department has provided financial support to 11 academic incubators. Operational guidelines for setting up of incubation centers in educational institutions with Government support have also been prepared. NCT has financially supported following incubators for capital, operations and maintenance expenses of the facility:

  • Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology
  • Delhi Technological University (DTU)
  • Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies (BPIBS)
  • Indira Gandhi Technical Univ. for Women
  • Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD)
  • Shaheed Sukhdev Singh College of Business
  • Acharya Narendra Dev College (AND)
  • Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University (DPRSU)
  • Ambedkar Institute of Advanced communication Tech and Research (AIACTR)
  • College of Art (COA)
  • Indraprastha Institute of IT (IIIT Delhi)

Government of Bihar has entrusted Department of Industries with the responsibility of managing the Startup initiative in the State. However, other departments in the State are also actively engaging with Startups through innovative programs.


Department of Information Technology (IT), Government of Bihar has institutionalized a mechanism to “unlock the innovation potential of Bihar” so that Bihar emerges as a preferred destination of Startups and businesses, generating employment and resulting in economic growth. One such initiative is the Ideathon 2018 event, which acted as a platform for the demonstration of innovative next-generation ideas & product, drawing participation from the various group of stakeholders like Students, Start-ups, Technical institutions, Working Professionals and most importantly by the Business Developers, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and other important players from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The event helped in showcasing the technological advancements and innovations of various ICT products and will also bring in entrepreneurs and business leaders on a common platform to showcase the technological breakthroughs and innovations. More than 1000 participants demonstrated their ideas/product/services involving technologies across 14 themes using 7 submission types. More details available on