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Advertising and Publicity by the Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region


The scheme aims to showcase the inherent economic, social and cultural strength of the North-Eastern Region as well as to mainstream the region with the country to move forward in its entirety.


Nature of Assistance

The Ministry may provide financial assistance to public enterprises, public trusts, voluntary organisations, NGOs, etc.


Who can apply?

Registered Societies, voluntary organisations, public trusts, non-profits/not-for-profit organisations, universities, co-operatives and other similarly placed institutions are eligible for the scheme.


How to apply?

A divisional head of the Ministry may invite the eligible institutions/organisations to take up programmes/projects relating to the subject assigned to them under the scheme. Such internal proposals should be sent to the Joint Secretary incharge of Advertising & Publicity with the recommendations for obtaining the decision of the committee on advertising & publicity.


Proposals submitted suo-motto by an organisation/institution is an external proposal. External proposals should be submitted to Joint Secretary in-charge of advertising & publicity scheme. The Division shall examine and process the proposal to be placed before the committee on advertising & publicity.


Shri Paul Lokho, Chief Operating Officer

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