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Guidelines for Brochure Support

Ministry of Tourism

Brochure Support is a marketing tool used by National Tourism Offices (NTOs) to promote their tourism products amongst the travel trade and the potential consumer. The India Tourism Offices overseas undertake this activity on regular basis. This support to tour operators etc. is given to ensure that India’s tourism products and packages find place in this brochure and other promotional material produced in the international markets. The startups in the Tourism Industry can use this scheme for marketing their products abroad.

Scheme Benefits & Highlights
  • The overseas Indiatourism Office limits the brochure support to 50% of the total cost on pages pertaining to India or 50% of the total cost for India dedicated brochure, up to a maximum of US$ 20,000.00 (Dollars Ten Thousand in each case) Higher support can also be considered in specific cases with prior approval from the Headquarters of the Department of Tourism.
  • Brochure support for non profit organizations, special interest groups, clubs, museums etc. who produce promotional materials like brochure / flyers for Indian tour packages for their membership can be considered up to 2/3rd of the cost, subject of a maximum of $5,000/- in each case.
Registration Process

The brochure support may be extended considering the profile of the company, its potential and productivity. The concerned applicant should submit his application or brochure support in the attached format. On receipt of the application an analysis may be done by the concerned officer and submitted to his senior, if required, recording his/her specific recommendations. 

More details can be found at Guidelines for Brochure Support 

Eligibility Criteria

The India Tourism Offices Overseas extend brochure support  to wholesalers, retailers and other organizations also (like Museums, Clubs,special interest groups, non-profit organizations etc.) who wish to organize special India tours/promotions. 

More details can be found at Guidelines for Brochure Support

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