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Research and Development

Ministry of Textiles

The office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), an attached office of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has been implementing the scheme called Research & Development on all India basis to conduct surveys and studies of important crafts and make in-depth analysis of specific aspects and problems of Handicrafts in order to generate useful inputs to aid policy, planning and fine tune the ongoing initiatives; and to have independent evaluation of the schemes implemented.


Fiscal Benefits

Eligible financial assistance for 

(i) Project Leader @Rs. 40,000/- p.m. 

(ii) Senior Research Expert @Rs. 25,000/- p.m. 

(iii) Junior Research Fellow @Rs. 15,000/- p.m. 

(iv) Investigator [Graduate] @Rs. 12,000/- p.m. 

(v) Computer Operator @Rs. 10,000/- p.m. 

(vi) Documentation & Videography Rs. 1,00,000/

(vii) T.A./D.A. @Rs. 18,000/- p.m. 

(viii) Miscellaneous 10% of the total cost


Financial assistance will be as under:

(i) Halls & Infrastructure - Rs. 1,80,000/- for 3 days

(ii) Boarding &  Lodging for Resource Persons @Rs. 9,000 per day, per head

(iii) a) T.A. to Resource Persons b) For International Experts @Rs. 12,000/- per persons or AC-I/Air fare economy class whichever is less @Rs. 70,000/- per person or economy class

(iv) Honorarium to Resource Persons @Rs. 4,000/- per person

(v) T.A. to participants including journey period @Rs. 2000/ per participant or AC-III tier fare whichever is less

(vi) DA to the participants @Rs. 100/- per participant per day

(vii) Documentation & Videography Rs. 1,00,000/

(viii Hire of Conveyance Rs. 2,00,000/- for 3 days 

(ix) Refreshments & Tea, Lunch etc. @Rs. 400/- per participants per day 

(x) Publicity including banners, backdrops, pamphlet, booklet, biometric machine, etc. Rs. 2,00,000/


Non-Fiscal Benefits
  • Surveys & Studies on different topics


  • Financial Assistance for preparation of legal, para legal, standards, audits and other documentation leading to labeling/ certification


  • Conducting Census of Handicraft artisans of the country


  • Conducting of workshops/seminars on issues of specific nature relating to handicrafts sector 


Who can apply?

Assistance under the scheme will be extendable to an organization registered under any of the statutory Acts  (Companies Act 1965, Societies Registration Act 1860, Co operative Act. Etc.) or universities and recognized research institutions

How to apply?

Application form can be accessed from this link:

Shri Ak Mohanti

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