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Science and Technology (S&T) for Coir Institutions

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Technology Transfer, Incubation, Testing, Training Entrepreneurs and Service Facilities for the coir MSMEs through extension of the outcomes of research (done at research institutes under the scheme) at the laboratory level for application at the field level and extension of testing and service facility are the objectives of the scheme. The Research and Development activities of the Board are carried out through the twin research institutes: the Central Coir Research Institute, Kalavoor and Central Institute of Coir Technology, Bangalore who uses the fund alloted to this scheme and then further aid the entities working in the coir industry.The scheme also aims at establishing technology incubation centers in one or many places for training the entrepreneurs in the new technologies developed and transferred.

Scheme Benefits & Highlights
The outcome of the research can be availed at the field level by approaching Research Centre for availing assistance in Technology Transfer, Incubation, Testing and Service Facilities of the research institutes (The Central Coir Research Institute, Kalavoor and Central Institute of Coir Technology, Bangalore)
Some indirect and secondary benefits of the scheme are as follow: 
  • Continued implementation of the Scheme will result in development of new technologies for reducing drudgery and improving the quality and productivity of the coir products. Continued research activities will result in increasing the acceptance of the coir products both by internal and external markets.
  • The development of more sophisticated machinery with the features of automation will result in enhanced productivity and income. Elimination of physical strain and better income would attract younger generation to engage themselves into coir activities.
  • The use of coir products for environment friendly activities will result in environment protection.
  • Development of new value added products and identification of new areas for application of coir will result in the generation of more national income from a waste material.  

All coir production/processing units newly established will be eligible to apply for assistance. All coir production/ processing units registered with Coir Board under Coir Industry (Registration) Rules, 2008 and having Udyog Aadhar are eligible to apply for financial assistance for modernisation under this scheme. 


Registration Process

The application with all relevant documents shall be filed online or check with the concerned research institute.

For more details:


Joint Director (P), Coir Board

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