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Assistance under Scheme for setting up Tea Boutiques in India for Domestic Promotion

Tea Board India (Ministry of Commerce and Industry)

In order to showcase Tea's wide varieties at one place and excite the customers especially youth about the qualitative nuances and the correct brewing method in a magnificent & aesthetic ambience, the concept of “Tea Boutique” has been proposed by the tea board which is under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The Tea Board  will handhold a prospective entrepreneur for three (3) years in terms of financial assistance for setting up the Tea Boutique.

Scheme Benefits & Highlights

Nature of assistance: Tea Board will handhold a prospective entrepreneur for three (3) years in terms of financial assistance being provided to him/her as explained below in a structured format:

OWNERSHIP (of a a stand-alone boutique) 

1. Year 1 - 25% of (Capital Expenditire (It excludes land/space value and land value) and Working Capital 

2. Year 2 - 50% of Working Capital 

3. Year 3 - 25% of Working Capital 

Upper ceiling of Rs. 20 lakh in Year 1 and Rs. 12 lakh in Year 2 & 3


1. Year 1 - 50% of Rental

2. Year 2 - 40% of Rental

3. Year 3 - 30% of Rental 

Upper ceiling of Rs. 12 lakh in Year 1, 2, 3 


More details here

Registration Process

After meeting the required Eligibilty Criteria, The process is as follow:

A detailed project proposal clearly indicating the following: - nature of Tea boutique to be set up with planned location (s) (stand-alone or chain) -space to be acquired on ownership or lease basis -year wise profitability analysis (for 5 years) and its viability

(ii) Self-certified copies of RC under TMCO 2003 and/or Buyer’s registration no.

(iii) Verification of credentials from Trade Association(s) to which the prospective applicant is affiliated

(iv) Documents indicating firm commitment of the applicant for his/her investment share as specified above

Eligibility Criteria

i) All Indian companies registered with the Tea Board holding valid Registration Certificate (RC) under TMCO 2003 and/or Buyer’s registration no.

ii) Having financial commitment for the project at least to the tune of 25 lakh

iii) Indian partners of Joint venture companies, having equity share of at least 51%

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