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Joint Advertising Support

Ministry of Tourism

The India tourism Offices overseas extend advertising support to wholesalers, retailers and other organizations also (like Museums, Clubs, special interest groups, etc.) who wish to organize special India promotions. This is to promote the entreprenuers products or services to the potential international customers.

Scheme Benefits & Highlights

The overseas Indiatourism Office should limit the Advertising support to 50% of the total cost. Advertising support for special interest groups, clubs, museums etc. can be considered upto 2/3rd of the cost subject to a maximum of $ 5,000/- in each case.


Under Delegation of Financial Powers for Advertising support under Plan funds, the following Powers are delegated to Indiatourism offices overseas (in each case):-

  • Regional director, India Tourism - US$ 20,000 
  • Director, India tourism - US$ 10,000 
  • MTO, India tourism - US$ 5,000 

In case, RDTOs, MTOs and DTOs have a proposal which exceeds their financial powers, they should take the approval of the Head of Office concerned. For proposals, which merit support more than US$ 20,000, the same may be forwarded to Headquarters for consideration and administrative approval. 

Registration Process

The concerned applicant should submit his application for Advertising Support to the Indiatourism office. On receipt of the application an analysis may be done by the concerned officer and submitted to his senior, if required, recording his/her specific recommendations. 

More details can be found at Guidelines for Joint Advertising Support

Eligibility Criteria

The India Tourism Offices Overseas extend brochure support  to wholesalers, retailers and other organizations also (like Museums, Clubs,special interest groups, non-profit organizations etc.) who wish to organize special India tours/promotions.

The Advertising support may be extended considering the profile of the company, its potential and productivity. 

More details can be found at Guidelines for Joint Advertising Support

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