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Marketing Assistance Scheme

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

The various objectives of the scheme are as follow:

  • To enhance marketing capabilities & competitiveness of the MSMEs. 
  • To showcase the competencies of MSMEs.
  • To update MSMEs about the prevalent market scenario and its impact on their activities. 
  • To facilitate the formation of consortia of MSMEs for marketing of their products and services. 
  • To provide platform to MSMEs for interaction with large institutional buyers.
  • To disseminate/ propagate various programmes of the Government. 
  • To enrich the marketing skills of the micro, small & medium entrepreneurs. 

Scheme Benefits & Highlights

(a).The maximum net budgetary support for participating in an international exhibition/trade fair would normally be restricted to an overall ceiling of Rs. 30 lakh per event (Rs. 40 lakh for Latin American countries).

(b). The budget for organizing the Domestic Exhibitions/Trade Fair would depend upon the various components of the expenditure, i.e. space rental including construction and fabricating charges, theme pavilion, advertisement, printing material, transportation etc. However, the budgetary support towards net expenditure for organizing such exhibition/trade fair would normally be restricted to a maximum amount of Rs. 45 lakh. The corresponding budgetary limit for participation in an exhibition/trade fair shall be Rs. 15 lakh.

*Financial assistance will be provided ranging from 25% to 95% of the Air-Fare and space rent to entrepreneurs on the basis of size and type of the enterprise. Financial assistance for co-sponsoring an event would be limited to 40% of the net expenditure, subject to a maximum amount of 5 lakh.The following benefits are provided under the scheme:


Maximum amount of assistance towards air fare, space rental & shipping/ transportation charges for General Category (except Enterprises belonging to NE Region/women/SC/ST Category)

  Latin America Other Countries
Micro Enterprises  Rs. 2.40 lakh  Rs. 2.00 lakh 
Small Enterprises  Rs. 2.10 lakh  Rs. 1.75 lakh 
Medium Enterprises  Rs. 1.25 lakh  Rs. 1.00 lakh

Advertisement, Publicity and theme pavilion: 20% of the total subsidy admissible under the above four sub-heads subject to a maximum of Rs. 20 lakh.

For Enterprises belonging to NE Region/women/SC/ST Category and other benefits related ins and outs of the above mentioned scheme can be found at:


MSMEs, Industry Associations and other organisations related to MSME sector are eligible to apply.

Support may be provided to various institutions, industry associations and organisations engaged in promotion & development of MSMEs, for organizing exhibitions/ fairs within the country for the benefit of MSME sector. This support would be in the form of co-sponsoring of the event by NSIC. 

Find all details about the criteria at h

Application Process

Applications/proposals seeking assistance under the scheme should be submitted to the Branch Manager of the nearest office of the National Small Industries Corporation, with full details and justification in support of the application.

The Guideline of Marketing Assistance Scheme is available on the Ministry's Website i.e.

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