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National Urban Livelihoods Mission

Ministry of Hosing and Urban Affairs

NULM means National Urban Livelihoods Mission. To reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroots level institutions of the poor and ultimately linking them to the entrepreneurial and the startup revolution of India. The mission would aim at providing shelter equipped with essential services to the urban homeless in a phased manner. In addition, the Mission would also address livelihood concerns of the urban street vendors by facilitating access to suitable spaces, institutional credit, social security and skills to the urban street vendors for accessing emerging market opportunities.

Scheme Benefits & Highlights

The scheme encourages urban poor to start up manufacturing and servicing small enterprises, and petty businesses, based on local skills, crafts, and demand. The following are the 7 components of NULM:

1) Social Mobilization and Institution Development (SM&ID)

2) Employment through Skills Training and Placement(EST&P)

3) Capacity Building and Training (CBT)

4) Self-Employment Programme (SEP)

5) Scheme of Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH)

6) Support to Urban Street Vendors (SUSV)

7) Innovative and Special project(ISP)

The Financial benefits provided by the scheme are as follow:

1. Self Employment Programme - The urban poor who wish to set up their own self employment ventures/ micro-enterprises can avail bank loan on 7% rate of interest.An individual can be given bank loans for projects upto INR 2 lakh for setting up of individual micro enterprises and for a group of urban poor, bank loan is available for projects up to INR 10 lakh

2. Self Help groups - All the SHGs of urban poor can also avail bank loan on 7% rate of interest. An additional 3 percent interest subvention will be provided to all women SHGs who repay their loan in time. Thus, in case of timely repayment, effective interest rate would be only 4%

3. Urban Street Vendors- NULM aims at skilling of street vendors, support for micro-enterprises development, and their credit enablement

The non-financial benefits provided by the scheme are as follow:

1. Scheme for shelter for Urban Homeless - NULM also provides financial support to State Governments/ULBs for construction as well as operation & management of permanent shelter for urban homeless. The shelters constructed must be equipped with all other essential services so that the urban homeless in our cities live a dignified life.

2. Urban Street Vendor- It also supports development of vendor market, vending zone & informal sector markets with infrastructure/civic facilities such as paving, water supply, solid waste disposal facility, lighting, storage space etc.

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Target Group
  • This scheme has global coverage and all urban poors, homeless persons, street vendors, etc. to want to join the entrepreneurial revolution in India.
Registration Process

There are different registerations process for different schemes and the details are available at

The user mannual and the step by step process of applying under various components is available at:

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