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Procurement and Marketing Support Scheme (P&MS)Procurement and Marketing Support Scheme (P&MS)

Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

The Procurement and Marketing support Scheme would promote and educate MSMEs by organising trade fairs/awareness programs about GeM portal, Online services and other services. The scheme also encourage Micro and Small Entreprises to develop domestic markets and find new ways of  promotion of new market access initiatives. It will also cover activites required to facilitate market linkages for effective implementation of Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order of 2012.

Scheme Benefits & Highlights

The following benefits are provided under the scheme:

OJECTIVE: The scheme aims at the following:

• Promoting new market access initiatives like organising participation in National International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions/MSME Expo.etc.

• To create awareness and educate the MSMEs about importance methodsl process of packaging in marketing, latest packaging technology, import-export policy and procedure, GeM portal, MSME Conclave, latest developments in international I national trade and other subjects I topics relevant for market access developments.

• To create more awareness about trade fairs, bar code, digital advertising, e-marketing, GST, GeM portal, public procurement policy and other related Topics etc


Manufacturing or Service sector MSEs registered at Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) Portal (Individual Manufacturing/Service MSEs).

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Registration Process

The unit will apply to the Office of DC (MSME)/SME division, M/o MSME directly or through implementing agency online/offline, two month prior to the commencement of trade fairs/ exhibitions. After due scrutiny the proposals, the secretariat office will submit the proposal at least 15 days before the event to the Empowered Committee for the final approval.

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