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Promotion for packaged Tea of Indian origin

Tea Board of India

The scheme aims to to help Indian exporters for marketing teas of Indian origin in overseas markets on a sustained basis, the sub-component is intended to promote teas of Indian origin therein.

Nature of Assistance

1. Promotional campaign Up to 25% of the cost for reimbursement subject to a ceiling of Rs.50 lakh per annum per market.


2. Displays in International Departmental Stores and in-store demonstration 60% of display and shelf rental cost for reimbursement subject to a ceiling of Rs.25 lakh per annum per market.


3. Product Literature, Website Development 25% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.50 lakh per annum per market on reimbursement basis.


4. Inspection Charges A maximum of 25% of inspection charges on reimbursement basis.


1. All Indian registered exporters exporting value added tea would be eligible. 


2. All registered exporters exporting for the past 3 years and holding valid exporters license and submitting regular monthly export returns to Tea Board.


3. All registered Associations of tea producers and exporters are eligible to apply for assistance for promotion of Indian tea brands owned by their memb

How to apply?

1. All interested Exporters/Associations are required to apply in advance to Tea Board in the prescribed application form which can be collected from the nearest Tea Board office. 


2. Exporters/Associations will be required to apply in advance on company letter head to Tea Board for assistance under the above scheme. While applying, applicants would be required to provide :-


a) Year-wise full details of exports (volume and value) of their tea brands during the last 3 years to the particular country for which promotional/financial assistance is sought (Associations will be required to furnish information pertaining to their members)


b) Indicate market prospects in terms of market attractiveness and ability to serve it c) A one-year plan with clear targets and timelines for implementation



Mr Nandini datta/ Joydip Biswas

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