Agriculture is one of the mainstays of the Indian economy. India employs the highest number of human resources working in agriculture, and with steady growth in domestic consumption and growing exports, the future is filled with opportunities in the sector.

Initiatives like Doubling Farmers’ Income are a key focus
Goal to create an optimum remunerative agricultural value chain ecosystem for farmers

Agriculture in NSA 2021

Innovation is the new paradigm in Indian agriculture, ranging from technology adoption in all aspects of agriculture and productivity, to post-harvest and social innovation for an inclusive development across the value chain. Awards for the sector aim to identify outstanding startups which will carry forward the momentum for innovation in the sector, propelling India to the forefront of innovation and efficiency in the space over the next decade.

Categories and Applications Count for Agriculture



Agriculture | Farmer Engagement and Education

Shapos Services Private Limited


As India's first silk supply chain startup with their product – Reshamandi, they are in the process of digitizing, democratizing, and enabling farmers with the power of technology for better crop sales and increasing revenue.

Product Summary

Reshamandi is an AI & IoT led digital ecosystem for silk starting from farm to consumer. It's a grassroots level enabler that works directly with sericulture farmers, fabric weavers, silk reelers, and retailers, enabling them to get the best price for their produce, reducing the time to market, and making sure that they are supplied with the best raw materials and testing kits. Farmers can sell their produce directly to them, ensuring that they get the best price in the market.


"Now I dont have to go 120 kms to sell my cocoons and waste all the time, leaving family behind"

Kallarna, Silk Farmer, Sarjapur, Bangalore, Karnataka

“A predictable supply of cocoons needed for me to run my business, less worry, good prices, what more can I ask for?”

Khalil Ahmed, MNAR Silk Reelers, Ramnagara, Karnataka

“Because of COVID-19 the mandi was closed and my produce was almost wasted.Reshamandi bought it at a good price and saved me”

Sommshekhara A S, Sericulturist Alibommasandra, Karnataka

“Reshamandi is helping me sell at a good rate and increase my produce with IoT technology.”

Srinivas Reddy, Silk Farmer, Muthanallur, Bangalore

Government Recognition/Partnership

The Bagalkot Govt in Karnataka has recognised Reshamandi for their effort in supporting silk farmers.


Agriculture | Irrigation

Agrirain Agro Industries India Private Limited


AgriRain came out with a novel and innovative 'Irrigation as a Service (IaaS)' model using Hosereel irrigation technology that provides hassle-free, pay-per-use, scalable, reliable, cost-effective, and on-demand irrigation as a complete irrigation package.

Product Summary

Hosereel is an automated micro-irrigation system that provides irrigation in the form of rain. It is a mobile, self-propelled raingun fitted on a cart and integrated with a diesel pump and HDPE pipe. The inlet hosepipe can pump water from the existing water bodies like farm ponds, water tanks, lakes, or pipelines. The technology involves that machine hauls and transits the water through a 250m long hosepipe connected to a sprinkler cart enables the sprinkler to move freely and reach all around the farm. Water is split into minute droplets and sprinkled as constant rain. The quantum of water used to irrigate the crop can be measured and regulated as per crop requirements from time to time.


33 local Water Entrepreneurs have been trained across project locations, irrigating 21 crops in 3 countries.


Agriculture | Post-Harvest

Zentron Labs


Zentron Labs automates your processes that require visual checking, using industrial cameras in conjunction with Computer Vision algorithms to deliver innovative and custom Machine-Vision solutions that perform an automated optical inspection.

Product Summary

Hortisort is a multi-disciplinary technology product that automates fruit grading with high accuracy and great throughput. Fruits are fed into an inspection line that contains a computer vision-based grading station. The grading station consists of a combination of electronics hardware, embedded software, and computer vision software to scrutinise each fruit comprehensively for different fruit parameters. Fruits are categorized into various grades based on the combination of color, size, weight, and defects.


Designed to grade and sort round fruits based on size, weight, colour, and defects.


Agriculture | Productivity

Athreya Global Solutions


Athreya Global Solutions aims to improve the social and economic status of farmers through sustainable smart agriculture. The company started exploring biotechnological ways to improve crop health and yield with minimal agrochemical inputs and developed eco-friendly bioactive formulations RuBisCO-ACT and Photon-MAX.

Product Summary

Athreya Global Solutions (AGS) developed agriculture input products that can increase the crop productivity up to 65% by increasing photosynthetic efficiency (photosynthetic stimulator technology). Photosynthetic efficiency of the crops can be increased by applying RuBisCO-ACT and Photon-MAX at 8 days interval during leaf differentiation stage (vegetative growth period). AGS also provides package and practices to cultivate crops like Paddy, Sugarcane, Potato, Pomegranate, Banana, and vegetable crops with current cutting-edge technologies for sustainable agriculture. Their technology, drip irrigation, and balanced nutrition application can increase the quality (organoleptic properties) of the agricultural and horticultural crops by 75% and productivity improvement up to 65% with minimal agrochemical usage.


"I have been using RuBisCO-ACT (Formula -1) for several years now. I had the pleasure to experience it first hand as a vegetables and cash crop grower. The yields are just amazing!"

Thimmayya, Farmer

"For years I had to struggle with average produce in my farmlands. Athreya's agricultural solutions have helped me become confident again with a great farm produce."

Karanjeet Singh, Farmer

"Moved backed to my native to try growing various horticulture crops. Your products have been a miraculous boon to me. I'm grateful to your company."

Priyanka Rao, Horticulture Enthusiast

All Finalists

Name of Startup Category City State
satyukt analytics private limited Irrigation Bengaluru Karnataka
krushak mitra agro services private limited Farmer Engagement & Education Nashik Maharashtra
Singodwala Warehousing and Logistics Private Limited Farmer Engagement & Education Jaipur Rajasthan
pavitramentde fair organic private limited Farmer Engagement & Education Bareilly Uttar Pradesh
vesatogo innovations private limited Post Harvest Nashik Maharashtra
villa mart private limited Post Harvest Bhubneshwar Odisha
gfresh agrotech private limited Post Harvest New Delhi New Delhi
G systems Productivity Gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar Pradesh
st jude herbals private limited Productivity Kasaragod Kerala