Access to drinking water is the backbone of a prosperous and healthy economy. However, it is a subject that is widely neglected globally. India on the contrary has taken up a conscious step on the availability of clean drinking water for all households under the Jal Jeewan Mission – Har Ghar Jal by 2024.

‘Har Ghar Jal’ aims to provide tap water to every rural home by 2024
Focus is on innovations and solutions related to access to drinking water

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Unique solutions are being adopted to tackle the drinking water initiative in India. In the National Startup Awards, the aim is to find outstanding startups and innovators coming up with new-age solutions combined with sound business models in the drinking water and associated fields.

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Wegot Utility Solutions Private Limited


In 2015, five individuals came together to solve one rampant issue in their home turf, Chennai, acute water shortage. The product they created to bridge the gap between water utility management and end-user. Wegot arms you with real-time data about the water you signed up for and tools to save money by preventing regular water wastage.

Product Summary

WEGoT aqua is an IoT-based water management solution that enables real-time, data-driven & automated decision-making to reduce the water demand & increase the efficiency of water infrastructure in buildings. WEGoT aqua tracks the usage at all consumption points & generates bills as per water usage. The sensor also detects & notifies leakages, broken pipes, abnormal use in real-time via mobile app and web dashboards. Once reported, the user can shut the leaks remotely, thus saving water from getting wasted in leakages. WEGoT aqua integrates every facet of water and provides a convenient & straightforward platform to manage all the water in a facility.


"Solution helped us in providing apartment wise consumption in real time & also triggers leak alerts which actually helped us to measure, control, conserve, predict and manage water more effectively"

VP Materials Aparna Constructions

"Based on our experience, we would strongly recommend the WEGOT Aqua water metering system wherever measuring and billing is required"

Owner AKDR Tower

"When a resident left a tap open in July 2016 when away from home, the alarm triggered by the WEGoT aqua system saved at least 11k liters "

Secretary Appaswamy Citylife

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