The environment is one of the central elements in the sustainable development of the country, and India is one of the global leaders in the adoption of environment-friendly measures by enacting stringent environmental legislation and has created institutions to monitor and enforce legislation. However, the concept is gaining prominence, especially with the Indian waste management industry offering huge potential.

Only 30% of the 75% recyclable waste is currently being recycled

The Environment in NSA 2021

With the focus on sustainable environmentally focused development, NSA will recognise and support innovators and startups in their pursuits of implementing environmentally friendly and conscious solutions.

Categories and Applications Count for Environment



Environment | Waste to Value

Lohum Cleantech Private Limited


Lohum powers next-generation li-ion battery mobility & energy solutions, giving batteries multiple lives through reuse technology, and makes battery materials last forever through lithium-ion battery recycling.

Product Summary

The used battery pack manufacturing takes used cells and re-purposes them into new battery packs. These markets and customers include three-wheelers, two-wheelers, and stationary storage for solar and residential.



Environment | Industrial Biotechnology

Revy Environmental Solutions Private Limited


Revy Environmental Solutions has answers to all that occurs in every step of waste management and has proven competency in transforming waste into re-usable resources. Waste treatment and bio-methane production through Anaerobic Digestion (AD) process is their core area of expertise.

Product Summary

Revy is providing in-situ solutions in waste management to several industries using its optimized Wastewater Treatment Technology (WWTT). Revy develops Designer Bio-culture using IP protected combinations of bacteria/other microorganisms in the form of 'Anaerobic Granulated Sludge,' 'Aerobic Biomass' and 'Biomass Growth Enhancement Formulations (BGEF)' that treats hard effluents like petroleum, chemicals, dye, etc. converting waste into re-usable products such as Bio-methane and Bio-Energy.


SDGs Supported by Revy Technology

Government Recognition/Partnership

Winner of the India-Israel Innovation Challenge and Swachch Bharat Grand Challenge 2018 launched by Startup India.


Environment | Sanitation and Septic Tank Management

Dot Box Conception Private Limited


Lootel (Loo of Hotel) is an intelligent restroom café always providing clean unisex restroom services on a commercial basis. It works on a unique "Make it a free” revenue process - Pay, Use and Redeem, where the user can pay for restroom usage and redeem the restroom coupon at Lootel café on food and beverages bill within seven days.

Product Summary

Lootel is an IoT-based smart restroom concept that is a complete self-sustainable solution for public toilets. The user needs to pay for restroom uses, and the user can redeem their restroom coupon on food and beverage bills at lootel café. This comprehensive user base gives better income, and it converts a toilet to a revenue center and job-creating bathrooms. Its sanitation model is self-sustainable, and one outlet creates jobs for 7-9 people who belong to the BOP category. Lootel smart restroom cafe is a cross-subsidized model where the cafe gives operational and management sustainability to the restroom and restroom gives user base to the café.


9k Jobs

Employment Generations Projected for 2023. One outlet generates 7 jobs on average.

INR 70.06 Crore

Women's safe sanitation projected for 2023

8.5K Salary

Fresher & unskilled workers

Government Recognition/Partnership

The Startup was the winner of the ISC- FICCI Sanitation Awards.


Environment | Sustainable Mining

Innocule Materials and Additives Private Limited


Innocule is a manufacturing startup that offers specialty chemicals and additives for the Indian mineral industry. Their product offerings maximize output and minimize cost at several operational points during production. Backed by extensive R&D efforts, their innovative formulations are customized according to the client's raw material sources and market requirements.

Product Summary

OREFLO is a proprietary polymeric formulation that reduces the stickiness of iron ore and helps clients enhance their production by up to 100% during the monsoons. The product has been successfully deployed at Tata Steel Joda iron mines (for the last three years), Noamundi Iron Mines (two years), Tata Steel- BSL Limited (two years), and Tata Steel- Kalinganagar (last year) Innocule has other products such as FAM, a Filteration chemical for minerals, and COALMIX- A specialty chemical for non-coking coal in coke making, Mix-D- Speciality chemical for dust suppression.


Coalmix gives better coke strength after reaction (CSR) and coke reactivity (CRI) and generates lesser coke fines after quenching operation

Grinex improves the grinding efficiency of the ball mill for and decreases specific power requirement

Fam increases filtration production by decreasing the moisture content in the cake

All Finalists

Name of Startup Category City State
krimanshi technologies private limited Waste to Value Ahmedabad Gujarat
carbon craft design private limited Waste to Value Mumbai Maharashtra
padcare labs private limited Waste to Value Pune Maharashtra
TBF environmental solutions private limited Waste to Value Pune Maharashtra
regeno ventures private limited Industrial Biotechnology Tiruppur Tamil Nadu
beydest private limited Industrial Biotechnology Meerut Uttar Pradesh
greenvironment innovation & marketing india private limited Sanitation and Septic Tank Management Chennai Tamil Nadu
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