The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened India’s focus on food security, an aspect that has emerged as a big success story of the country. This has been on account of a strong focus on the entire food processing value chain comprising of processing, procurement & storage, packaging, and retailing.

India is the second largest food and groceries market in the world.
With increasing internal food security, and a developing efficient system of procurement and storage, India is well poised to be one of the global leaders in processed food exports in the coming decade.

Food Processing in NSA 2021

NSA aims to recognise outstanding innovations with sound business models across the entire food processing value chain.

Categories and Applications Count for Food Processing



Food Processing | Procurement and Storage

Uipl Innovations Private Limited


Wrapping food in aluminium foil or plastic wrap may contaminate your food. Aluminum foil takes 400 years to decompose. Plastic Cling film takes more than 500 years. UNIWRAPS is environmentally friendly. It is also 100% bio-degradable and turns into compost in 90 days.

Product Summary

UNIWRAPS is a food safety certified food wrapping paper with distinct properties added to it to handle Indian Foods. It is a high-quality specialty paper used for hygienically wrapping everyday food items like roti, parantha, sandwich, burger, idli, etc. It is made of 100% pure wood pulp and is food safety certified, so it keeps your food's health 'locked in.' It is grease-proof, non-stick, and doesn't get soggy and tear even when wet. The packing is such that the wrapping paper inside is never hand touched during the production process and is rolled onto air compared to other materials used by cheap alternatives.


IN 75/Unit

Income that goes in the pocket of Indian workers/transporters/salary earners

88% Lower carbon

Footprint of Unwraps (0,65 ton) as compared to Aluminium Foil (5.5 ton) per 1000 families


Food Processing | Processing

Arboreal Bioinnovations Private Limited


Arboreal is an award-winning plant-based food ingredients company focused on eliminating diabetes in their lifetime. It is focused on developing, producing, and commercializing stevia-based sugar substitution solutions for food & beverages that are safe and have zero calories. Arboreal's products are differentiated by origin, taste quality, and consistency. It has combined advanced R&D with a unique traceable, scalable & sustainable supply chain model to produce high-quality Stevia leaf in India.

Product Summary

Arboreal is a vertically integrated industrial-scale producer of high-quality Stevia extracts and solutions globally for food & beverage companies. As part of its sourcing program, Arboreal works directly with smallholder farmers in UP, MP, and Jharkhand to cultivate its proprietary high-yielding Stevia variety. Arboreal also owns Magicleaf, India's fastest-growing direct-to-consumer zero/low-calorie food products brand. Magicleaf markets a range of Stevia-based zero-calorie sweeteners & sugar substitutes to Indian consumers. Magicleaf has consistently been the #1 Bestseller in the Sugar Substitutes category on Amazon since inception and is initiating exports to the US and UK.


All Finalists

Name of Startup Category City State
ireal labs LLP Procurement and Storage Bengaluru Karnataka
aryavarta organics private limited Packaging and Retailing Jaipur Rajasthan
infinitybox private limited Packaging and Retailing Jaipur Rajasthan
HIDAA lifescience LLP Processing Ahmedabad Gujarat
morriko pure foods private limited Processing Valsad Gujarat