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Access Livelihoods Foundation

Access Livelihoods, based in Hyderabad, Telangana is a collective of six social enterprises that works with women and youth from marginalized communities to reimagine and transform their livelihoods. We are on a mission to enhance the livelihoods of 1 million economically disadvantaged households directly by March 2032.


Access Livelihoods has evolved a time tested SIX STEP Beehive Model as an optimal solution to the problem of economic marginalization. Through this model of work with women producers, they have contributed towards the promotion of successful women-run enterprises in the rural community. This triggers the fundamental changes-in women's status, traditional gender roles and biases and women's involvement in decision-making in the home leading to the emergence of sustainable women FPCs over the years.


Incubated 54 enterprises impacting 65,000 small and marginal women producers

Deployed INR 56.20 cr+ for financial inclusion among thousands of unbanked women producers

Provided market access to establish inclusive value chains worth INR 45.2 cr+

Facilitated access to agriculture/dairy inputs (including organic and bio-inputs) of INR 10.5 cr+ across 5 locations involving 5,000+ women farmers

Established Maharashtra’s first all women dairy with 1500+ women and reached INR 11.5 cr+ turnover during first year of operations in Maval, Pune

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