Industry 4.0 is ushering in a new age of connected technologies, data-driven insights and changing the way we work and interact with each other. Innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), mass automation, industrial communications, Big Data, robotics, and 3D printing are transforming the global manufacturing and industrial landscape.

SAMARTH (Smart Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hub) - Udyog Bharat 4.0 has helped promote the adoption and implementation of industry 4.0 solutions in the country

Industry 4.0 in NSA 2021

Startups and innovators are coming up with various solutions covering manufacturing, services including e-commerce, and construction for the adoption of tech measures in driving efficiency, quality, and user experience. NSA will recognise these players ushering the new age of growth and tech adoption in Indian manufacturing and services.

Categories and Applications Count for Industry 4.0



Industry 4.0 | 3D Printing

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions Private Limited


Tvasta's 3D printed house is India's first attempt at integrating technology into construction automation. This advancement will open doors for all kinds of research and development in the construction world. The R&D activities extensively include developing material, enhancing the structural and architectural elements, optimizing their machines, and analysing & modelling various structural elements.

Product Summary

'Nirmaan,' the production, off-site printer, capable of moving on rails over different pallets, is India's first of its kind. This system can print with various concrete mixes at a precision of +/- 1mm and features a fully automated process to minimize human intervention. It is equipped with a rotational mechanism at the nozzle to print elements with complex geometries. The various subsystems are a 3D Printer, Proprietary concrete mixture, software for the multiple stages: Design, Onboard control, and the slicer.


40% cost reduction

Reduction in material use and waste

Counteracts regular shortage of skilled labour by 80%

Government Recognition/Partnership

Tvasta is part of an incubator for startups from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.


Industry 4.0 | Augmented Reality Products Wearables

Blinkin Technologies Private Limited


With the integration of emerging and exponential technologies such as AR and AI, Blinkin can seamlessly transport skills and experience to the exact location where they are needed. This helps reduce the direct involvement of technicians by empowering end customers in visual guided complaint registration or self-installation of devices. They are also working on an AI-powered, smartphone-based self-service system, Houston.

Product Summary

BlinkIn's offering Scotty is an expert-driven visual communication tool. Scotty leverages Augmented reality and artificial intelligence to convert the conventional audio tech support call into more intuitive and efficient visual support. It helps connect experts to customers or local technicians using an SMS link where no installation is needed. The agent can see through customers' cameras, allowing them to visually inspect equipment or error messages and help them solve problems using augmented instructions and screen annotation tools. Blinks is Data Collector / Standard Operating Procedures, and Houston is the Computer Vision platform for customizable maintenance situations.


"We did several ARNR projects, also with smart glasses, and wasted millions on showcases. No tool is so simple and effective as this one"

Peter Glauner VP Group Service at Wilo

"We ask our customers to `Expect more' – Blinkln makes it possible for us to fulfil that promise on a global scale”

Dietmar Huber Managing Director at Huber & Ranner

“You are our Whatsapp"

Christian Jobst Division Head P&C at VKB

"We believe in the potential of the visualbot. 100% of trial customers approved of using Houston guidance for troubleshooting during the pilot"

Bastian Eppler Senior Digital Consultant at ADAC

Government Recognition/Partnership

The startup has received assistance funding by Government of Odisha.


Industry 4.0 | Computer Vision

Nayan India Science and Technologies Private Limited


NAYAN uses Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to locate events of interest or defects in infrastructure, assets, and roadways. NAYAN focuses on online cloud-based video and image analytics. In addition to that, it also supports enterprise based deployment as a satellite product for customers who have cloud privacy concerns.

Product Summary

NAYAN uses Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for informatics and video analytics for roadways, searching for hazards, violations, and city-wide road and highway monitoring. The product uses mobile phones, CCTV cameras, and other video cameras to capture traffic movement and hazardous conditions. NAYAN has captured over 17,00,000 traffic violations to date using AI to support local traffic authorities in analysing crowdsourced data. The solution is light and results in heavily reduced cost overheads. NAYAN is designed to be fast, scalable, low cost, and automated.


“I have full trust in the ability of Dr. Ratti and team Nayan to stand by what they commit to delivery. We are satisfied with the great innovation and first of its kind implementation in Dubai, and we wish them to continue to perform”

Dr. Major Khamis Alayali Dubai Police

“We are proud partners of NAYAN team and DR. Jayant Ratti for having successfully delivered to Dubai Police the country’s first Artificial Intelligence based Traffic Monitoring and Violation Detection solution”

Mr. Ashok Bhola General Manager, Gulf Business Machines, Dubai, UAE

“We have done many POCs with Nayan team and they have always delivered with excellence, we continue to grow together”

Mr. Stephen Noel, Ali Moidu, Puneet Rane Chief Executive Team, Dubai Technologies, Dubai, UAE

Government Recognition/Partnership

The startup was recognised as the winner in the Mobility and Smart Cities Category in RAISE 2020, a MeitY initiative.


Industry 4.0 | Robotics

Sagar Defence Engineering Private Limited


Sagar Defence Engineering builds autonomous navigation systems, unmanned marine and aerial vehicles. Its works closely with a human operator by utilizing levels of managed autonomy, allowing the operator to focus on the work at hand. It uses intelligent self-tuning algorithms, which it learns from the vehicle responses & adapts itself to it. It is modular and can be retrofitted easily onto any vessel.

Product Summary

Products include the following: Genesis- A command control unit can be retrofitted to any vessel to turn it fully autonomous, semi-autonomous, or remotely controlled Unmanned Marine Surface Vehicle (UMSV)- autonomous boat used for surveillance, hydrographic survey, disaster management by the Navy Unmanned Garbage Collection Marine Surface Vessel (UGCMSV)- An unmanned boat used to collect the floating trash from water bodies and collect data from water and bring valuable insights SkyDock- India's first Drone in a Box solution to minimize the response time for multiple drone operations, designed to be a revolutionary new way for rapid UAV deployment


19296.11 Sq.m

Area Covered


Distance Covered


Amount of garbage collected

Plastic Polluted Garbage.

Garbage type found

900 days

Of unnamed mission

Government Recognition/Partnership

Sagar Defence Engineering Pvt. Ltd. won the maiden 'MIS 2016 – DP World Prize' contest, organised in association with Invest India and Global trade enabler DP World.


Industry 4.0 | Internet of Things

Repos IoT India Private Limited


Repos Energy is establishing a one-stop destination to stimulate the creation and growth of the energy on wheels business model. It wants to disrupt the supply chains of all forms of energy, starting with liquid (HSD). By bringing the entire petrol pump on wheels, they have achieved unparalleled speed in creating new infrastructure for energy distribution.

Product Summary

Repos IoT is revolutionizing the energy distribution industry by bringing innovative solutions on two levels: Mobile (Repos Mobile Petrol Pump): They have developed intelligent vehicles which are essentially petrol pumps on wheels, equipped with the latest in IoT and cloud technologies. These Mobile petrol pumps are eliminating actual transportation steps of fuels from depots to petrol pumps and then from petrol pumps to the consumer Stationary (Portable Service Station): Stationary units with the capacity to store between 2,000 and 20,000 litres of fuel at a given time, which can be dispensed safely and securely on the premises without loss in spillage and pilferage


“I am proud to note that a leading Indian company is bringing forth a platform such as Energy Start Up Summit for Indian companies to engage and deliberate on building the future”

Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan (Minister) Petroleum & Natural Gas,
Steel, Government of India New Delhi

Government Recognition/Partnership

Repos was recognised by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for their door-to-door delivery of fuel.

All Finalists

Name of Startup Category City State
smartvizs private limited Augmented Reality Products / Wearables Noida Uttar Pradesh
shilpmis technologies private limited Augmented Reality Products / Wearables Surat Gujarat
plutomen technologies private limited Augmented Reality Products / Wearables Ahmedabad Gujarat
bitonic technology labs private limited Internet of Things Bengaluru Karnataka
simyog technology private limited Internet of Things Bengaluru Karnataka
tagbox solutions private limited Internet of Things Bengaluru Karnataka
aquasense private limited Internet of Things New Delhi Delhi
swadha energies private limited Internet of Things Chennai Tamil Nadu
repos iot india private limited Internet of Things Pune Maharashtra
redbot innovations private limited Computer Vision Bengaluru Karnataka
drapezy private limited Computer Vision Bengaluru Karnataka
alphaics india private limited Computer Vision Bengaluru Karnataka
magnic technologies private limited Robotics Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
torus robotics private limited Robotics Chennai Tamil Nadu
irov technologies private limited Robotics Ernakulam Kerala
drona automations private limited Robotics Bengaluru Karnataka
autospatial private limited Robotics Thane Maharashtra