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Tagbox Solutions Private Limited


With TagBox, you can 'tag' a product, shipment, or an asset, predict and prevent supply chain quality failures, ensure end-to-end SKU or batch traceability, and improve operational efficiency KPIs. TagBox combines a seamless blend of disruptive technologies – IoT for supply chain sensing, ML for predictive insights, and AI for actions and control.

Product Summary

TagBox is helping organizations control supply chain outcomes by solving problems like Product Quality and Compliance, End to End Traceability, and Operational Efficiency. TagBox's BoxLens platform combines IoT-based Real-time sensing, ML-driven Predictive Insights, and AI-driven actions to resolve supply chain problems. It has developed solutions for the last-mile delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, among other products. The distribution of vaccines is vulnerable to pilferage, and there are temperature compliance requirements as well. The TagBox sensor is attached to the vaccine shipment, and it's mapped with its TagSync app. The live status of the shipment is then viewed on the Boxlens platform.

Tag Box has created solutions on:

Vaccine tracking & monitoring for location and temperature parameters Social Distancing (reducing social distancing violations by 60%) and Contact Tracing


Reduced social distancing violations by 60%

Identification of risk zones and employees with maximum non-compliance

Live crowding alarms

Easily managed 12 Covid +ve events with help of contact tracing reports

Achieved 98% compliance to cafeteria and rest room occupancy thresholds

Government Recognition/Partnership

TagBox was adjudged CII Top startup in IT and Elex. 2020.