In this day and age, where there is a high dependency on the web and online systems, security has become one of the most critical elements in our day to day personal as well as professional lives.

India improved from #47 to #10 in the United Nation’s ITU Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA)
Tech solutions have also made a significant impact on citizen security with the integration of AI and ML in security solutions contributing to the law and order situation in the county. Cyber and citizen security have become a necessary function in business, especially with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning complicating the already complex cyber domain,

Security in NSA 2021

NSA aims to recognise the innovations in the areas of cyber-security, and safety systems; an area where a high degree of innovation is required to compete at the global level.

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Security | Security and Safety Systems

Pivotchain Solution Technologies Private Limited


Pivotchain Solutions is an advanced AI company delivering cutting-edge and real-time video intelligence globally. Their flagship product, with its event-based and hardware agnostic design, is applicable across industries. They secure Government and private companies, physical infrastructure with large-scale AI-driven Video Surveillance (RAVEN).

Product Summary

Their product, Raven, is a customizable deep learning software platform integrated into vision-based networks typically deployed for industrial surveillance, asset security, or process monitoring applications. The non-compromising AI architecture uses live video feeds, performs automated analytics in real-time, and communicates required operations with teams or systems. RAVEN operates 24/7 with in-built hardware monitoring capabilities and is self-restoring in cases of a system fault or unintended interference.


“The Pivotchain expertise has been fundamental in helping us analyze and bring new insight to operations in and around our terminals, enabling us to build improved prediction and visibility for our customers. We have not only benefited from Pivotchain’s innovative technology and knowledge, but also the ease of collaborating with the entire team. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the team on more initiatives”

David Francis Head of Digital Products, APM Terminals


Security | Cyber Security

Sequretek IT Solutions Private Limited


Sequretek was founded in 2013 with a vision to simplify security by consolidating the technology landscape and empower customer's growth without fear as their trusted security partner. They want to make security simple and accessible.

Product Summary

Sequretek focuses on three areas where they lead with their technology, i.e., device security, user behavior, and enterprise security visibility. Most customers do not have the financial and technical maturity to be able to understand and procure it multiple unique security solutions. Sequretek offers cybersecurity solutions for enterprises in four broad areas:Endpoint Detection Protection and Response (EDPR), Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), and Managed Security Services (MSS)



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All Finalists

Name of Startup Category City State
achuk environmental solutions private limited Security & Safety Systems Ahmedabad Gujarat
big bang boom solutions private limited Security & Safety Systems Chennai Tamil Nadu
combat robotics india private limited Security & Safety Systems Pune Maharashtra
progist solutions LLP Cyber-Security Mumbai Maharashtra
httpcart technologies private limited Cyber-Security Jaipur Rajasthan
egyanam technologies private limited Cyber-Security Pune Maharashtra