The space sector has been a significant success story for Indian startups where tech players utilize their skills and knowledge to develop solutions that not only to make India self-sufficient, but rather also a global leader.

The current global space economy is estimated at USD 360 billion
India accounts for approximately 2% (USD 7 billion)
ISRO has been creating an ecosystem of a well-developed space program
The sector is projected to increase at 48% CAGR over the next five years to reach USD 50 billion in the country

Space in NSA 2021

Private participation is a must to realize this growth potential, so India has taken up measures that enable the private sector to participate or undertake activities like building/developing rockets and satellites, providing launching services, and owning satellites.

These reforms will be implemented by a new nodal agency, the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe). ISRO’s commercial activities will be delegated to government-owned units—New Space India Ltd. (NSIL) and Antrix, leaving the organization to focus on R&D, scientific missions and space exploration.

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Agnikul Cosmos Private Limited


Agnikul Cosmos was founded on the idea that getting to space should not be the most challenging part of being a space-faring species. They enable quick and affordable space access through their launch on-demand vehicle: Agniban. Agniban can carry 30-300 kgs to low earth orbit.

Product Summary

At Agnikul, they are building a launch-on-demand orbital-class rocket that can carry 100kgs to Low Earth Orbit. Their rocket - Agnibaan - is a two stage launch vehicle powered by semi-cryogenic engines driven by electric motors. They plan to make a rocket that is entirely configurable according to the customer's needs. Since their rockets are built specifically for each customer, they offer a significant degree of flexibility in costing & time-to-launch for small satellites.


"We are super excited to announce our official partnership with Agnikul to support on-demand access to space, adding value by providing our ground segment support and enabling a turn-key launch service"

Partner Quote

“Proud of your efforts and innovative zeal. Such work is what will make India a leader in the space sector”

Shri. Narendra Modi Honorable Prime Minister Of India

Government Recognition/Partnership

The startup is the first company in the country to sign an agreement with ISRO under IN-SPACe and was directly congratulated by the Honourable PM of the country.

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Name of Startup Category City State
xovian aerospace private limited Space Craft Technologies Bengaluru Karnataka
symbosim simulations private limited Space Craft Technologies Bengaluru Karnataka
vasundharaa geo technologies private limited Space Based Applications Pune Maharashtra