Transport forms the backbone of any economy, and efficient transportation and logistics System is one of the key indicators of a growing and developed economy. India has taken up huge initiatives in the sector:

Record speed of highway construction
Fast-paced development of dedicated freight corridors
Development/ expansion of airports focused on cargo movement
Expansion in ports infrastructure

These initiatives and the increase in the fast-paced goods and services movement have led to new-age solutions coming into the transportation and logistics sector of the country. This is witnessed by the unicorns which have developed in the logistics industry in the past 2 years.

Transport in NSA 2021

Transport is one of the key areas of focus for the economic development of the country. NSA is at the forefront of recognizing exceptional startups in the areas as well as supporting them in their journey to make Indian transportation and logistics future-proof.

Categories and Applications Count for Transport



Transport | Freight and Logistics Services

Rubanbridge Private Limited


1Bridge is a tech-based commerce network that delivers aspirational products & digital services to the doorsteps of rural consumers, catering to great unpenetrated rural demand. It does this through its network of village-level local entrepreneurs (1Bridge Advisors) & district-level Distribution/delivery hubs operating on its 1Bridge technology platform.

Product Summary

1Bridge is a Village Commerce Network delivering a range of aspirational products and digital financial services to the doorsteps of rural consumers, bridging access, choice, and convenience gaps. This is fulfilled through a network of local entrepreneurs using an intuitive mobile-based tech platform. Through this network, 1Bridge enables the integration of local entrepreneurs into the digital world, builds their social capital in their village communities, and generates opportunities for employment and consistent income.



Villages spread across 67 Districts in 6 States


Village Entrepreneurs


Delivery Entrepreneurs


Consumer reach with an active network of over 1 million consumers


Transport | Traffic Management

Steradian Semiconductors Private Limited


Steradian’s proprietary technology transforms the radar from a simple obstacle detection system to an all-weather 4D high-resolution mapping device. With earlier deployments of radar, a true 3D reconstruction of surroundings with high accuracy and resolution was feasible only with an optical sensor like Lidar, which is expensive and unable to work in fog, dust, rain, and snow.

Product Summary

They have developed the world's most compact 28nm Millimeter-wave Imaging Radar chip to maximize the pixel per sqmm. Their flexible solution enables many antenna sensors, which brings 4D imaging through Radar to a reality. Steradians proprietary signal processing algorithms and SW allow a real-time, all-weather 4D sensor that recreates the surroundings to a very high degree of accuracy and resolution. It can be used for applications like Autonomous Vehicles, Traffic monitoring, Virtual docking guidance system, Security/Surveillance, Gesture Control, form a compelling product line.


Can be used for traffic monitoring

Urban autonomous vehicles

Docking guidance systems

Government Recognition/Partnership

The startup was recognised by MeitY, the Government of India, for its new chipset for Hi-performance Radar.


Transport | Transport Services and Infrastructure

Treasure Vase Ventures Private Limited


SmartE is India's first and largest shared electric mobility service working towards changing the last mile connectivity paradigm in India. Having delivered over 65 million zero-pollution rides over the previous five years, SmartE aims to create the world's largest and most revolutionary electric mobility system within the next five years.

Product Summary

SmartE's vehicles employ state-of-the-art technologies with a focus on rider safety, comfort, and affordability. With the ride price starting from as low as Rs 10, its economic viability, combined with zero emission of harmful pollutants and massive penetration around metro and bus stations, residential colonies, corporate hubs, etc., SmartE has emerged as a highly valued, convenient, and efficient option for commuters. Its vehicles have in-built GPS tracking, sensors, route optimizer, analytics, etc., bringing an actual intelligent quotient on wheels.



Vehicles in the fleet

“I can always find a SmartE outside the metro station and use it everyday for to travel from home to office and return. They also have well behaved drivers who make good conversation”

Ashish Verma

60 Million+

Passengers moved till date

“Superb service, extensive network and fleet. Both vehicles and drivers are better than any of the other competitors”

Sandeepa Singh


Average daily ridership

“Great and an absolutely necessary service especially for office goers. The best part is easy payment, cheapest fares and offers”

Sayeeda Khannum

Government Recognition/Partnership

The Startup is Partner with DMRC, NTPC, Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board, Central Railway. SmartE was the winner of the 2nd edition of the FICCI Smart Urban Innovation Awards.

All Finalists

Name of Startup Category City State
cogos technologies private limited Transport Services and Infrastructure Bengaluru Karnataka
smartbike mobility private limited Transport Services and Infrastructure Hyderabad Telangana
amplify cleantech solutions private limited Transport Services and Infrastructure Hyderabad Telangana
nayan india science and technologies private limited Traffic Management New Delhi New Delhi
krypton AI technologies private limited Traffic Management Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
frontier markets consulting private limited Freight & Logistics Services Jaipur Rajasthan
catbus infolabs private limited Freight & Logistics Services Bengaluru Karnataka
bycyshare technologies private limited Freight & Logistics Services Gurugram Haryana