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Frontier Markets Consulting Private Limited


Frontier Markets is a social commerce platform with a mission to create 'Saral Jeevan' or an 'Easy Life' for rural households by providing them local access to high quality, climate-friendly, and gender-inclusive products and services, including clean energy services, to last-mile villages by investing in rural women entrepreneurs as their connector to rural communities.

Product Summary

FM is an assisted commerce platform that connects rural consumers to a diversified portfolio of curated rural-friendly products and services. They provide the rural customer with a “phygital” dukaan experience through their women salesforce, called Saral Jeevan Sahelis that connects and assist rural customers in purchasing high-value solutions online. They use a robust, vernacular technology platform that equips their Sahelis to fulfill orders and capture rich rural consumer data for valuable insights. This helps product companies grow, curate, and refine the product basket -- creating a data feedback loop that enables rural innovation at scale.


INR 8,000

Frontier markets' investment In a Saheli


Products / services sold by a Saheli in two years

INR 35,000

Income generated by a Saheli in one year


Retention rates