The Doing Business Ranking is an annual assessment conducted by the World Bank which measures aspects of regulation affecting 11 areas of the life of a business, evaluating 190 countries against each other on these indicators. The 11 indicators which are evaluated by the World Bank every year are:

  • Starting a Business
  • Dealing with Construction Permits
  • Getting Electricity
  • Registering Property
  • Getting Credit
  • Protecting Minority Interests
  • Paying Taxes
  • Trading across Borders
  • Enforcing Contracts
  • Resolving Insolvency
  • Labour Market Regulation

From a user's perspective, Ease of Doing Business for an enitity signifies ease of getting a permission, license, registration or a service from a Government Agency. There are established processes within each Government Agency for issuing of such permissions or services.

This Grand Challenge seeks to invite innovative ideas from individuals, startups or other enterprises to implement AI, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), Blockchain and other cutting edge technologies for re-engineering related Government processes.