Agriculture in NSA 2022

Innovation is the new paradigm in Indian agriculture, ranging from technology adoption in all aspects of agriculture (Including pre-production and post-harvest), to social innovation for inclusive development across the value chain. National Startup Awards for the sector aims to identify outstanding Startups across the entire agriculture value chain, which will carry forward the momentum for innovation in the sector propelling India to the forefront of innovation and efficiency in this space over the next decade.

Recognising exceptional startups across various categories

Fruvetech Private Limited

Provides fruits and vegetable storage systems that increases shelf life

Wolkus Technology Solutions Private Limited

A cloud platform collecting microclimatic data

Natura Crop Care

Provides biological and botanical products meeting demand of residue free produce


Recognising exceptional startups across various categories

Farmore Agrotech Private Limited
Havilah Green Innovators Private Limited
Amalfarm Solutions Private Limited
Rayush Natural Fiber Private Limited
Minkan Agro Industries Private Limited
Vertical Farming Technologies Private Limited
Blu Cocoon Digital Private Limited

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