What is Netcore?

Netcore is a digital communications platform for B2C companies. Our expertise is with marketing automation for companies of all sizes and scale. We make it easy for marketers, founders and product teams to grow their online B2C business by automating their digital communication via Smartech.

Smartech is the Multi-Channel Campaign Management platform from Netcore Solutions. Smartech makes it easy for startups to start their multi-channel communication journey.

Here is how startups can use Smartech -Start ​With Simple Transactional And Promotional Emails and SMS; Grow ​With Email, SMS and Notifications' Automation; Scale ​Up With Multi-Channel User Automation


What is Netcore offering?

Multi-Channel Campaign Management Platform​ - Free up to 100K Monthly Active Users

Website engagement​ ​and retention ​- Unlimited Web Messages and Browser Push Notifications

App Engagement and Retention​ - Unlimited App Push Notifications and In-App Messages

12 Lakh emails per year - 1 Lakh per month limit

12 Lakh SMS per year - 1 Lakh per month limit



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