Women Entrepreneurship in India

The increasing presence of women as entrepreneurs has led to significant business and economic growth in the country. Women-owned business enterprises are playing a prominent role in society by generating employment opportunities in the country, bringing in demographic shifts and inspiring the next generation of women founders.


With a vision to promote the sustainable development of women entrepreneurs for balanced growth in the country, Startup India is committed towards strengthening women entrepreneurship in India through initiatives, schemes, creation of enabling networks and communities and activating partnerships among diverse stakeholders he startup ecosystem.


States with Startup Policies for Women



Past Engagements
1 WING for Women Entrepreneurs

Startup India’s flagship Capacity Development Program for Women Entrepreneurs was conducted between February 2019 and August 2020 for existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs across the country. 24 workshops were conducted across 10 States, directly impacting 1,390+ women. As part of WING, women were provided with mentorship from industry experts, pitching opportunities, incubation offers and business training workshops covering product, marketing strategies and technical aspects.

Governments, just like private companies, have to buy goods and services for their operational needs.


Public procurement refers to the process by which governments and state-owned enterprises purchase goods and services from the private sector. As public procurement utilises a substantial portion of taxpayers' money, governments are expected to follow strict procedures to ensure that the process is fair, efficient, transparent and minimises wastage of public resources.

2 Incubator, Accelerator & Learning Programs

Startup India invites applications from women entrepreneurs across India for Incubator, Accelerator and Learning Programs conducted in partnership with stakeholders in the startup ecosystem including corporates, incubators, accelerators, and other organisations.

In India, public procurement (government tenders) can also present useful pilot opportunities for startups that have not yet been able to gain traction in the private sector.


Conversely, opening government tenders up to startups improves the choices available to government bodies since startups are often more agile than corporate vendors and can provide cheaper, more innovative products and services.

Programs & Initiatives
Blogs for Women who Startup
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15th September, 2020 Lessons for Entrepreneurship by Women in HealthTech

Geetha Majumnath | Shilpa Malik
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26th March, 2020 Extending Support to Navigate the COVID-19

- Sairee Chahal, Founder - CEO | SHEROES
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14th April, 2020 Bare Necessaties

- Sahar Mansoor | founder & CEO, Bare Necessities
Blockchain Technology
14th April, 2020 REVY Environmental Solutions on working with Startup India

- Dr. Vanita Prasad, Founder & Director, REVY
Schemes by Central Government Departments


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