What is Stackby?


Stackby is an all-in-one cloud based work management platform. It is as simple to use as a spreadsheet, functions like a database, easily connects to over 2000+ apps and entirely customizable for your business. No training needed to get started. 

Teams across functions like marketing, sales, HR, product management, project management, advertising & creatives etc. can use it to manage their processes, collaborate in real-time from wherever they are and keep track of their data and work in a single place. 

More than 2000 companies around the world use Stackby to plan, manage and automate their work, their way.


Product Features 

Stackby is a single platform with multiple use cases. Some key features are - 


  • One-click import from spreadsheets or Google sheets
  • 100+ pre-built templates to choose from, across 25+ functions like Marketing, HR, Sales, Product, Project Management, Creatives, Events, Design and UX, Real-Estate, Venture Capital and more
  • Creating your own database with a spreadsheet style interface with 25+ unique column types like dropdowns, attachments, collaborators, formulas, ratings, link between tables, lookup, aggregate, API and more
  • Complete customization of your workflows in 4 different layouts: Table, Kanban, Calendar and Custom Forms
  • Connect columns to APIs: to pull and analyze data automatically from various 3rd party services like YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Ahrefs and configure a button to send messages (SMS, WhatsApp etc).
  • Collaborate with your team in real-time with comments, checklists and reminders on individual rows and slack notifications. Work remotely from anywhere you are
  • Analyze your data with advanced search, filters, summary and sort
  • Automate your work by easily connecting to over 2000+ apps via Zapier and increase your work efficiency and productivity

Stackby's offering

Stackby's offer is exclusively available to Startup India Hub startups 

For more information on availing the offer, please click here.


1 Are there any important things to note?
  • This offer is valid for only new users on Stackby. 
  • This offer is available for Stackby Economy Plan for unlimited users.

Please Note: The above mentioned offering is completely free of charge. 


To avail this offering, please apply here 



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