What is Zoho?


Zoho, an organization that's been around for 25+ years, creating powerful, trustworthy, scalable, and affordable software to solve everyone's business problems. Trusted by over 60 million users from across the world, creating software has always been Zoho's craft and passion. More than 45 software applications, to manage, connect, and automate business processes across your organization. Visit www.zoho.com to know more about the organization, and why they do what they do.



How does Zoho want to help the startups?

Dear startup-founders and decision makers, it is important that you first understand the Zoho for Startups program well. No unneccesary frills, no hidden conditions apply; and there is so much value in the offering. Through the Zoho for Startups program, Zoho is passionate about helping startups onboard the right software tools at the right time.

As founders, you can save time and focus on your core business, than having to spend time looking at trustworthy software vendors, worrying about hidden SLAs and data backups, looking for the right plug-ins for existing business structure, and most importantly, not worry about security and privacy.


For Tier 1 Startups

  • Startup India's tax-exempted startups can receive Zoho Wallet credits worth of up to 3L INR.
  • Startups can get 2 L INR worth of credits, valid for 360 days.*

Further, eligible startups will be offered an additional 1L INR worth of Promotional credits in the second year, valid for 3 months. This offer is conditional and depends on the usage of apps and the credits offered in the first year.

Terms and Conditions: These credits can only be used to explore Zoho bundles like Zoho One, CRM Plus, Remotely, Workplace, etc.


For Tier 2 Startups

Startup India's DPIIT-recognized startups can receive credits worth of up to INR 1.86L, valid for 360 days.

  • All eligible startups under this category can get 1L INR worth of credits post approval.
  • And startups interested in hosting their email with Zoho Mail can get an additional 86K INR worth of credits in their wallet as a token of appreciation for exploring Zoho Mail.

Terms and Conditions: 

  • The additional 86K INR worth credits shares the same validity period as the 1lakh initially offered, as it is just an add-on.
  • The Zoho Workplace bundle alone is subject to a credit limit of 1L INR during the offer period.
  • Startups hosting their email in Zoho Mail will initially get only 1 lakh INR worth of credits deposited in their account. If the email hosting is completed within 15 days from the date of enabling the initial credits the additonal 86K INR worth credits will be added.




1) To understand the actual value of the offering, please visit www.zoho.com and check out any of the Zoho products and their pricing. Now is a good time to think if there's any other software vendor out there who has been around for 25+ years, with 45+ apps that are trustworthy, affordable, and scalable.


2) An organization with a solid commitment to privacy; and clear policies and GDPR compliance.


3) Startup credits are available only for new accounts, in other words, startups who aren't existing users of Zoho. Also, let's not mix startup credits with promotional credits. Check point #5 to know about promotional credits and how they CANNOT be used.


4) Startups who have already received Zoho One credits or wallet credits previously, will not be eligible for this program, of course.


5) Promotional credits will be offered to the tier 1 startups based on how well the startups credits are used, and this stands non-negotiable.


6) Promotional credits are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of activation. Other terms and conditions for the promotional credits are available here.


Zoho's offering

3 lakhs INR for Tier 1 startups

1.86 lakhs INR for Tier 2 startups


1 What are the requirements to avail the startup benefits?

Visit www.zoho.com, pick any application of your choice, and sign up.

2 I have filled out the form and applied for the Zoho for Startups program. How long will it take for me to be accepted and avail the credits?

It takes between 5 and 7 business days from the date you applied for validation and processing. The team at ZohoForStartups will follow-up with your account. Do not hesitate to reach out to info@zohoforstartups.com if you need additional information.

3 I previously availed the one-year free subscription of Zoho One. Am I eligible for the Wallet program?

That's not fair. For those who have already had the opportunity to explore Zoho through the Zoho One for Startups program are not eligible for the Wallet program, please.

4 How can I use the Wallet credit?

You can enjoy subscriptions of Zoho One suite or individual Zoho applications of your choice. These credits can also be used for upgrades, renewals and/or add-ons of the apps you wish to purchase.

5 I have a Zoho account and have applied for the program. How do I check if the credits have been deposited into my account?

Log in to your Zoho account and access your Zoho Subscription page to view your credits.

6 Can the Wallet credits be encashed?

No, you cannot encash the Wallet credits under any circumstances.

7 I got 1.86L INR worth credits when my startup was under Tier 2, but now we have moved to Tier 1, are we eligible to receive the 3L INR worth credits?

We're sorry, but each startup is eligible for the credits only once. And the credits offered will be based on the tier under which the startup falls at the time of applying for the program. Any later changes to the tier cannot be considered to provide the credits again.


8 We still have a significant amount of wallet credits leftover and the validity is due to expire soon. Can you please extend the validity so that we can use up the balance?

Validity of the offer is fixed to 1 year and we are sorry but extension or addition of more wallet credits cannot be accommodated as per the policy of the program. 

To avail this offering, please apply here 


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