Applications for National Startup Awards 2023 are now closed

The fourth edition of National Startup Awards - NSA 2023 aims to recognize, reward, promote and offer exclusive handholding support to a diverse set of startups. These startups are driving sustainable transformation of the Indian economy and generating measurable impact for the society. NSA 2023 aims to identify, support and connect top startups within the country. 

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The National Startup Awards 2023 will benefit entities from such recognition in various aspects of their business, including but not limited to, business, financing, partnerships and talent, role model for other entities and budding entrepreneurs, and will inspire them to be purposeful and responsible about their socio-economic impact. Apply now for the National Startup Awards 2023 by clicking on the link below.

Applications are now closed

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The fourth edition of National Startup Awards - NSA 2023 aims to recognize, reward, promote and offer exclusive handholding support to a diverse set of startups.

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Animal Husbandry

Drinking Water

Education & Skill Development

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Award Categories for Enablers

Awards Overview

  • Cash prize of INR 10 lakhs shall be awarded to one winning startup in each category
  • Pitching opportunities to winners and finalists for presenting to to relevant public authorities and corporates for potential pilot projects and work orders


Eligibility Criteria of National Awards 2023 are as follows:

  • The startup should be a DPIIT recognized startup. The entity must submit its certificate of recognition.
  • The entity must submit the Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs or Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of Firms of respective state.
  • The entity must have a hardware or software product or a process solution that is present in the market.
  • The entity must have all applicable trade trade-specific registrations (example: CE, FSSAI, MSME, GST Registration, etc.)
  • There should not have been any default in the last three years (FY 2019-20, 20-21, 21-22) by the entity or any of its promoters or any of their group entities.
  • The entity must submit audited financial statements (balance sheet, profit & loss account) for the last three financial years FY 2019-20, 20-21, 21-22).
  • The entity should not be completing 10 years of incorporation on or before March 31st, 2024.

The following rules will be followed

  • Startups who have won under any sector/sub-sector or category in any of the previous editions of the National Startup Awards will not be eligible
  • Award application form is to be filled in English only.
  • One startup can nominate itself in maximum 2 categories.
  • Finalists maybe subject to a legal due diligence review by independent third-party evaluators. If the individual/ organization refuses to such a request, Startup India holds the right to select the next highest scoring nominee as the award winner.
  • By participating in the National Startup Awards, the startups agree to the Government of India’s and its partners use of its name, URL, photos, and videos for promotional purposes on its website and other promotional material.
  • Any false information provided within the context of National Startup Awards by any entity concerning identity, mailing address, telephone number, email address, ownership of right, or non-compliance with these rules or any terms and conditions or the like may result in the immediate elimination of the entity from the awards process.
  • The decisions of the jury and the evaluation agency shall be final and binding.
  • All support agencies, jury, shall sign (physically or digitally) a non-disclosure agreement with Startup India.
  • DPIIT reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the National Startup Awards or not award any entity in any of the categories. DPIIT further reserves the right to disqualify any candidate/entity that tampers with the submission process, commits fraud or is in violation of criminal and/or civil laws.
  • Allowances shall not be paid to any entity for travel or presentation before jury

Instructions for filling the form

(A step-by-step guide to participate in National Startup Awards 2023)

  • Step 1:Register on Startup India and obtain DPIIT recognition
    • In case you are already registered on Startup India and have a DPIIT recognition number, ensure that all the details given on Startup India registration are correct as certain fields will auto-populate in the application form
  • Step 2: Go to ‘National Startup Awards’ tab on Startup India Website
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Apply for National Startup Awards 2023’ tab
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Apply’ under application closing countdown or select the category under which the startup wishes to apply
  • Step 5:Check the auto-populated details in the participation form for National Startup Awards
  • Step 6:Fill in the details as mentioned in the application form
  • Step 7:Ensure to keep the following documents ready for upload:
    • Certificate of Recognition issued by DPIIT
    • Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate from the Registrar of Firms
    • Memorandum of Association, Partnership deed or other government accepted proof as proof for a woman founder (if applicable)
    • PAN card for founder/ co-founder
    • Aadhar card for founder/ co – founder
    • Startup Pitch Deck (Not more than 10 slides)
    • Trade specific registrations
    • Proof of Patent, IPR (if applicable)
    • Audited financial statements for the past 3 years (Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Income Tax Return) or Provisional financial statements issued by a Chartered Accountant, in case of non availability of audited financials for FY 2021-22.
    • Please attach all relevant documents, MOUs or agreements that would make your application stand out, specially, to differentiate your application and to make it more relevant and specific for the applied category.
      • Eg : Proof of admission into academic institution or proof of graduation or any other relevant document for your application under ‘Next Gen Innovator’.
    • Product proof of manufacturing and ownership certificates for manufacturing facility for your application under ‘Indigenous Ingenuity Champion’ and etc.
    • 120 seconds video explaining your product or service (this video cannot be a YouTube link; it has to be made for application to National Startup Awards). The video should cover – business model, scalability, innovation, social & economic impact on environment
    • Self attested documents with proof of active users, number of employees hired, R&D and prototype development, proof of funding raised, proof of TRL level of startup (if applicable)
  • Step 8: Ensure that all the uploads required comply with the size requirement as mentioned
  • Step 9: Click ‘Submit’


1 Q. What are the National Startup Awards 2023?

The National Startup Awards 2023 aim to recognize and reward outstanding startups that have demonstrated exceptional capabilities and have built innovative, scalable and impactful business solutions. These awards will be conferred across 20 categories this year.


2 Q. Who can apply for the National Startup Awards 2023?

Only Startups can apply for National Startup Awards 2023.

3 Q. What is the process and eligibility to get my startup recognized by DPIIT?

DPIIT Recognition is a simple online process where an ‘eligible’ entity as defined under the G.S.R Notification 127 (E) applies for startup recognition, and after verification of the incorporation of the entity, supporting documents attached and evaluation of the startup briefs provided, the startup may get recognized by DPIIT. Apply for recognition here -

4 Q. How many categories do we have for National Startup Awards 2023?

Startups will be awarded across 20 categories. Startups can apply across 19 categories.


5 Q. Can I apply in multiple categories?

Each startup is allowed to apply for a maximum of 2 categories depending on the nature of the solution and the startup's interests. The startup can, however, choose to apply for just 1 category as it is not mandatory to apply for more than 1 category.


6 Q. How many startups would be declared winners in each of the categories?

Only one startup in each category would be declared a winner.


7 Q. What is the incentive to apply for National Startup Awards 2023?

A cash prize of INR 10 lakhs will be awarded to one winning startup in each of the categories by DPIIT. Every edition of the National Startup Awards provides the winners and finalists with curated handholding support, which is across focus areas such as mentorship, investor connect, corporate connect, government pilot and procurement support among others. The startups will also be given priority for participation in various national and international startup events where DPIIT is participating. 


8 Q. Can I apply for National Startup Awards 2023 if I am a past winner?

Startups who have won in any of the sectors or special categories in any of the previous editions of the National Startup Awards will not be eligible to apply. Startups who have been finalists in any of the previous editions are eligible to apply for the National Startup Awards 2023

9 Q. Can I fill the application form in a language other than English?

The application form is to be filled out only in English by all applicants.


1 Q. We both incubate and accelerate Startups. Which category should we apply in?

You may apply in both categories. However, two different application forms will have to be submitted by you with a fresh set of documentary proof for each application.

2 Q. A lot of Startups benefit from our network partners. Will this be counted as our achievements if a Startup in our cohort gets these benefits?

Yes, if there is documentary evidence that the startup belonged to your portfolio and the support extended was based on your relationship with the network partner.

3 Q. What kind of documentary proof should be submitted by us?

The proof submitted by you can be financial statements with sections highlighted which justify the claim being made in the field for which data is being entered. The proof should be legal/ official documents such as signed term sheets, contracts and evidence based, such as photographs, website links etc.