Indo Singapore


Indian startup ecosystem

  • 2nd largest startup ecosystem
  • 20,000+ startups in India
  • $50 Bn. valuation

Singapore startup ecosystem

  • 10,000+ startups in Singapore
  • $11 Bn. valuation
  • Availability of top talent

Why india ?

  • Fastest Growing Economies India has been ranked as the most attractive market by leading investors
  • Largest Youth Population India to have the largest youth population by 2020
  • Huge Domestic Market Private consumption will be four times by 2025
  • Rising economic influence In next five years, India to have greater economic influence across the Asia Pacific region.
  • Business Friendly Environment India registers record improvement in Ease of Doing Business Ranking from 142 to 100 (2014-17).
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Why Singapore ?

  • Economic Strength One of the most competitive economies globally
  • High Ease of Doing Business Efficient & conducive regulatory environment for businesses
  • Supportive Government Initiatives Pro-business policies and startup funding support
  • Strong Intellectual Property Protection One of the strongest intellectual property rights protection for companies in the world
  • Favorable Tax Regimes Attractive corporate tax rate, with tax exemption schemes for startups
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